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Composting the vineyards


30 tonnes of organic compost was delivered at the beginning of this year. Working out how to distribute it onto the vineyards when we don’t own any equipment to do so took some working out, but we got there in the end.

So here is the organic compost, made of vegetable and plant matter.  It is well composted and smells wonderful – sort of mushroomy with  pine and forest floor.

We borrowed a tip up trailer that was narrow enough to fit between the vines in the Carignan vineyard and hired a bobcat to load it.

We composted every second row. Here is the trailer about to start to discharge its load in the Carignan vineyard.And here is the compost, evenly spread in the vineyard.

See ‘compost – the movie’ for more information on our facebook page!

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Wild flowers

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Spring in the vineyard

Spring is here and although the vines are not yet budding, there are plenty of flowers blooming amongst the vines. The most prevalent wild flower is the white ‘false rocket’ or diplotaxis erucoides. It can grow so thick that it looks more like snow in the vineyards and its peppery scent is pungent. At Domaine La Tasque, we leave the flowers to grow until the vines start to leaf before ploughing them back into the soil. They  provide compost and bulk for the soil and don’t compete with the vine for water and nutrients during budbreak and flowering.

Wild rocket in Carignan vineyard

Wild rocket in Carignan vineyard

Flowers in Syrah vineyard

Between the vines, Syrah

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Pruning Syrah

Started pruning the Syrah today. Sunny with a light breeze so perfect weather for it. So nice that the ladybirds ventured out too.

Pruning Syrah

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Bottling 2015 vintage

We had a busy day on Tuesday, bottling our 2015 vintage. We made three wines in 2015, Domaine La Tasque  Carignan and a varietal Syrah. Also Tasque Grenache, which comes from a small vineyard of old vines which is owned by a friend of ours.

Carignan 2015 comes off the bottling line


packing Carignan into boxes


Putting the Carignan box into the scotch machine


6 bottles carton of Domaine La Tasque Carignan 2015


Syrah 2015 comes off the bottling line and into boxes

Smart red boxes of Tasque Grenache 2015

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Rainy days

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Raindrops on …vines!

Last year was one of the driest on record, which is why we are very happy that it has been raining for several days now. The road up to our vines was impassable yesterday.

And when we did manage to get past it this morning, we found a very large rock partially blocking the track. Looks like another one will join it soon too.

The graph below shows how dry 2016 was compared to the previous (average) year. The rainfall stats come from a weather station in Azillanet, about 20 km from us. Mailhac actually had even less rain, which explains why our yield was so low in 2016.

That’s why we are so happy that there is so much at the moment, to top up those all important reserves of water which will sustain the vines during the growing season.

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