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Come and see us at Domaine La Tasque

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This summer, join us for vineyard walks and tastings of 4 wines amongst the vines. Come for an evening stroll through our beautiful vineyards and learn about growing grapes and what it’s really like to make wine in the south of France.  For more details see

Tuesday 21 June – 18H – 19H30

Wednesday 12 August  18H- 19H30

10 Euros per person (includes tasting and platters of charcuterie and cheese). Reservations on juliet@domainelatasque.com or 06 66 44 76 51.

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La Tasque ‘chez vous’ – delivery in France

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Special offer on Syrah 2015 ‘chez vous’ in France until 11 May



21% off a case of  our medal winning Syrah 2015



Also, a ‘Taste of La Tasque’ mixed case


Free delivery within 30 km of our winery in Mailhac. 8,50€ delivery for 6 to 12 bottles elsewhere in France. Minimum 6 bottles.



Domaine La Tasque Syrah, IGP Aude, 2015

This silver medal winning wine is absolutely ‘a point’  and we are offering a special case price of 75€, a saving of 21%. (until 11 May, only in France).

This is the second vintage we made from this beautiful vineyard and it is brimming with aromas of blackcurrants, blueberries and bayleaf with smooth, silky dark fruit flavours. Drinking well now but will keep until 2025. Perfect with roast beef or lamb or with hard cheeses such as Comté or Cheddar.


75€ per six bottle case.  Order.

Email us your order and contact details. We will confirm your order and send an invoice. You pay by credit/debit card. We arrange delivery to your door






Taste of La Tasque

6 bottle case of red wine

2 bottles of Domaine La Tasque Syrah 2015

2 bottles of Domaine La Tasque Carignan 2015

2 bottles of La Tasque Carignan-Grenache 2017

90€ per six bottle case. Order here.


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Domaine La Tasque in the UK for Christmas

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La Tasque wines for Christmas

Friends in the UK, pre-order Domaine La Tasque wines now, for delivery to your door in time for Christmas.

Choose from our sumptuous, medal-winning Syrah, our rugged but strangely smooth Carignan or the newly released Carignan-Grenache 2017, an exuberantly fruity red which is liquid proof of  triumph over adversity. Click here for details.

Mixed cases also available.

But hurry! Orders need to be finalised by 23 November so pre-order now.


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Officially organic

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Going for organic certification

Carignan vineyard farmed organically

Carignan Vineyard

We have been farming our vineyards organically since the we started in 2012. We have decided to make that official and have signed up with Ecocert, an organisation  that requires compliance with their standards for organic certification.  The process takes three years so we should be officially organic, and be able to put that cute little green leaf logo on our bottles from 2022.

Image result for organic logo europe

What took us so long?

There are several reasons why we didn’t do this right from the beginning. Firstly the fee for certification, yet another cost for a small business. Secondly, who needs more paperwork? Thirdly, and more fundamentally, is the recognition that there are different ways of growing grapes and respecting the environment and following a set of criteria to get organic certification is just one of them. However, many customers have asked whether we are organic and an official certification or logo is much easier for consumers to understand that our ‘de facto organic’ explanation.


What do we put on our vineyards?

Organic Carignan vineyard

Sheep grazing in our Carignan vineyard

Organic viticulture means using no chemical fungicides, insecticides or weedkillers. Compost and fertilisers must be natural ie from plants or animals/animal waste. We do use sprays in our vineyards to stop the vines and grapes getting fungal diseases or eaten by insects (particularly the lava of the grape vine moth) but in organic farming these sprays come from a natural as opposed to a synthetic source. Here is a list of what we put on our vineyards in the last 5 years and why. In approximate order of the frequency of application. All are certified organic products.

  • sulphur (fungal disease – powdery mildew)
  • extract of orange (fungal diseases, so use less copper and sulphur)
  • copper (fungal disease – downy mildew)
  • Compost – plant or cow dung
  • organic fertilizer, made from bird or pig poo. And sheep poo! (see photo)
  • Pheromone pods (from 2019), to sexually confuse grape vine moth males and so replace insecticides such as ..
  • Bacillus Thuringiensis, a naturally occurring bacterium (grape vine moth)
  • Spinosad insecticide, a bacterium originally discovered in sugar cane (grape vine moth)
  • Pyrethrins, an insecticide extracted from chrysanthemums. By law, grape growers have to use insecticide to reduce populations of cicadelle, the leaf hopper that spreads the disease flavescence dorée.

Organics in the winery

We are pretty non-interventionist in our winemaking so adhering to organic rules in the winery (eg lower sulphur) shouldn’t be a problem. A topic for another post!

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When to harvest?

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The decision when to harvest the grapes is vitally important. The links to the videos below explain how to assess grape ripeness. It’s not just about sugar levels, but flavour and tannin ripeness too. And don’t forget to look at the colour of the pips!

Preparation for harvest -checking ripeness of Syrah vineyard

Checking grape ripeness in our new Syrah vineyard. Step one – collecting grapes from different parts of the vineyard

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Checking sugar and flavour/tannin ripeness in Syrah vineyard

Sugar level is one way of measuring grape ripeness but the most important consideration for red grapes is whether the skins and tannins are ripe.

Posted by Domaine La Tasque on Monday, September 3, 2018

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