Lundi Live from the vineyard

Jun 14, 2021General

Join us for lundi live on Facebook every Monday morning at 9am French time (8am UK) and find out what it’s like to be a grape farmer in the South of France.


Every Monday morning during the growing season we, Simon and Juliet, tour our vineyards and chat about how the vineyards are looking and what needs to be done. These livestreams are very spontaneous (ie unrehearsed!).  Subject matters range from the next treatment for fungal disease, whether we need to water the young vines and how to get rid of weeds.

If you can’t join us bright and early on a Monday morning then don’t worry. You can catch up on Facebook later by clicking on ‘videos’ on our page. We also plan to put the videos on our Youtube Domaine La Tasque channel, once we work out how to do it!