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Small, family-run Languedoc vineyard making hand-crafted red and rosé wines

Welcome to Domaine La Tasque, a small wine domaine in the historic Languedoc village of Mailhac. We are Juliet Bruce Jones MW and Simon Ingman, the husband and wife team behind Domaine La Tasque. Our story began in 2011 when we purchased a beautiful Syrah vineyard, surrounded by pine trees and fragrant wild herbs. We were convinced it could make great wine and since then we have worked hard to bring life back into the soil and to improve grape quality, as well as acquiring a few more vineyards along the way. We  make deep, brooding red wines from Syrah, Carignan and Grenache as well as a crisp, fragrant rosé.

Small, hands-on wine productionhand-harvesting Syrah grapes in Languedoc

With just over 3 hectares of vines, we may be small but it means that we can take the time to do things, often by hand. Much of the work in the vineyard is done manually and the grapes are all hand-harvested.

In our quest to to make the best wine we can, we start by maximizing the health and life of the soil, vineyard and environment and follow organic principles – we don’t use any chemical pesticides or sprays. If we get it right in the vineyard then the task in the winery is simply to harness the fruit and balance into the wines.