Beasties in the vines

Jul 2, 2015News

Some insects in the vineyard

Summer is here. Temperature have soared to 35°C and the cicadas are in full voice. Here are a few photos of the insect life in our Syrah vineyard this week.

This cicada looks pretty calm but he can zoom around the vineyard at great speed, dive bombing vineyard workers.


Cicada in Syrah vineyard



This guy is an ephigger. Also known as a saddle back cricket I think.





Ephigger or saddleback cricket in Syrah vineyard

Below is a collection of unlucky European grape vine moths, caught in a trap. It consists of a sticky sheet of cardboard with a lure containing lobesia botrana pheromones to attract the moths. It is a good way of monitoring their population in the vineyard so as to decide whether to use an insecticide and if so, when. We use bacillus thuringiensis, an organic insecticide to control the grape vine moth.

Trap for European grape vine moth lobesia botrana

Trap for European grape vine moth lobesia botrana