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Lou Cayla’s production in 2012 was a miniscule 843 bottles, not enough to make great inroads in export markets.

So imagine our surprise when we got some lovely feedback on our 2012 Syrah-Carignan from Auroville in southern India. A friend and member of our grape-picking team spent the winter there and took a bottle with her to give to some friends. And this is what they said.

« Please tell your wine making friend that the wine was delicious. We did not drink it in an idyllic outdoor garden, with a good photographer,  but in one of Auroville’s badly lit but quite charming middle class houses in Maduka, round 8:00 at night and since there were ten of us no one had a chance to have too much. I took pictures with my camera which was clearly in the last stages of a terminal  disease and is now completely dead.  I can send you a few pix but they are pretty furry. Quotes from the conversation:
« Hey, it’s signed! Did you ever have a signed bottle of wine before?Wow!
« It rolls around on the palate. »
« The best wine I’ve ever tasted. »
« Smooth and full-bodied – and, well, just lovely.. »

Thank you Auroville!